Vernichtung (2019)

Mov. I – Undiralda Mov. II – Stórsjor Mov. III – Brotsjór 1.1.2.TSax.1/ Bass Clarinet/2Perc/Acc/Str= This piece was commissioned by Peter Eötvös and the Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra for Bass Clarinetist Horia Dumitrache. The world premiere was led by conductor Toby Thatcher
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Fantasies of Management (2014)

for Orchestra available from Chester Music This piece was written for the 2014 Aspen Music Festival, at which I was the Polonsky Fellow in Composition. It was conducted there by George Jackson.  
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To Recover a Heartbeat (2008)

To Recover A Heartbeat (2008) for solo piano and chamber orchestra 3(III=picc),032/2211/2Perc/Harp/Celesta/Solo Pno/Str=00121 This piece was premiered by the Royal Academy of Music RAG Week Orchestra on 17 April, 2008 with James Murray conducting and Neil Georgeson playing the solo part. It was subsequently recorded at Abbey Road Studios and […]
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Towards A Poorer Light (2007)

Towards A Poorer Light (2007) for solo percussionist and large orchestra 3(III=picc),3(III=cor),b-flat cl,a cl, b-flat bass cl,3*/433(III=bass)1/ solo perc/2perc+timp/harp/strings(= This piece was workshopped and recorded at the Royal Academy of Music on 27 September, 2008 with Christopher Austin conducting and David Skidmore playing the solo percussion part. It was subsequently […]
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Glasswork (2005)

Glasswork (2005) for Orchestra *22*2 Tenor Sax (Opt. B-flat Clar. ossia)2/223(III = bass trombone)0/ 2perc/strings This work has not yet been performed. Glasswork was awarded honorable mention by the panel for the Minnesota Orchestra Composer’s Institute, 2006.
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