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I Slow Down (2020)

for two pianos and optional video (Q-lab session available from the composer) Composed during the 2020 COVID Lockdown, this piece translates the first wave of COVID deaths in Minnesota – where m…

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Vernichtung (2019)

Mov. I – Undiralda Mov. II – Stórsjor Mov. III – Brotsjór 1.1.2.TSax.1/ Bass Clarinet/2Perc/Acc/Str= This piece was commissioned by Peter Eötvös and the Pan…

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The New Hymns (2019)

for Solo Viola and live electronics This piece was commissioned by Stephen Upshaw and premiered at NonClassical in London, on 14 Nov. 2018

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Ezra’s Nursery (2018)

for Wind Quintet This piece was commissioned by the 2018/19 Peter Eötvös Mentorship Programme, and was premiered on 6th October at the Budapest Music Centre by Camilla Hotenga, Catherine Milliken, J…

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The Long March (2018)

for Clarinet in A, Bassoon, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion, Violin and Double Bass (Ensemble L’Histoire du Soldat) The full score can be downloaded here. This piece was commissioned by the 2018/1…

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Like a Memory of Birds (2017)

for Marimba and English Horn This piece was commissioned by Joshua and Kristina Graham, and premiered by them in 2017. The Riot Ensemble performed this work at Dark Music Days 2018.

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How Animals Grieve (2016)

for percussion quartet, with two marimbas (one 5 octave and one 4.3) and custom bell plate (A2, by cymbalsmith Matt Nolan, available at price of shipping from Third Coast Percussion) This piece is d…

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Remember Me? (2015)

a 40-minute set of variations on Dido’s Lament for two pianists with one piano, two toy pianos and an array of other ‘toys’ This piece was commissioned by HOCKET, and was premiered b…

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Interaction II (2015)

for amplified ensemble of bass clarinet, violin and percussion with video projection of same bass clarinet and violinist This piece was commissioned by the London Symphony Orchestra Soundhub Scheme, a…

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Variation (2014)

for solo piano Composed as a part of the ongoing Variations for Judith project – and premiered by Melvyn Tan – this work is freely available to any pianist as a PDF download here.

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Anything But Real Time (2015)

for flute, bass clarinet, horn, trumpet, percussion, and solo strings ( This piece was commissioned by the LSO Soundhub Scheme. Premiere, 17th April 2015 with the composer conducting. The pi…

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The Geometry of Clouds (2015)

for Piano Quartet This piece was written for the 2014 Aspen Music Festival, at which I was the Polonsky Fellow in Composition, and was revised the next year for the Tanglewood Music Centre where I he…

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Fantasies of Management (2014)

for Orchestra available from Chester Music This piece was written for the 2014 Aspen Music Festival, at which I was the Polonsky Fellow in Composition. It was conducted there by George Jackson.  

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